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  Engagement Model
Engagement Model
We bring a three-pronged approach to our engagement that can be summed up in as many words: Advice, Adapt and Align. As a first step, we diagnose the problem, serve as a sounding board and evolve a strategy. At the next level, we get a little deeper under the customer’s skin, offer tactical advice, debate and deliberate with the client, review the outcome and prescribe change. And at third level, we get down to the nuts and bolts, get our hands dirty and collaborate with you to bring about a lifestyle change.
To extend the analogy a bit further: we give our customers the recipe and the ingredients, help them prepare the dish, and perhaps, even partake of it. In other words, have a stake, stay involved and bring our dedication to create a win-win situation for all parties.
Our consulting philosophy can also be described as ‘Telling you what to do’ at one level; at the next level, ‘Showing you how to do it’ where we hand-hold and take you through the motions; and at the third stage or the highest level of our engagement, we ‘Do it for you’ and/or ‘We are you’. Put simply, there is a convergence of interest and unity of purpose.
Our mission is to help our customers realize their dream. In that sense ours is not a consulting assignment but an advisory journey.
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