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Innovation & IP
Internationalization, Innovation & Intellectual Property
In today’s inter-connected world these are the ‘I’s of every organization that are clearly visible to all the stakeholders and add significant value to an organization. Second Avenue assists companies in their internationalization process and innovation planning by deploying frameworks and structured methods along with rigorous tools to integrate multi-disciplinary teams from diverse specialty areas.
With the world becoming “flat”, there is an increased need for companies to get their critical business functions and processes internationalized in order to stay globally relevant. For product companies this will involve aspects related to multi-lingual, multi-currency, taxation, 24x7 operations leading to no shutdown window availability, security and support.
Dou Shu Ki, China
To maintain leadership position, companies need to be continuously proactive in exploring new opportunities for innovation. Focusing on core offerings, customer support, and relationship management is an assured way to sustain business and maintain continued revenue flows. But conversely, it could also result in the slackening of effort to look for new opportunities.
Companies need to make a conscious and deliberate effort to continuously seek out new opportunities including sustained exploration and search for opportunities that may not be central to their business objectives. Underpinning such an innovation culture are the ‘planning processes’ that innovators systematically and collaboratively use to uncover unexplored opportunities.
Intellectual Property:
To sustain success, companies must understand how to develop and exploit the intellectual property inherent in their business. Patents and IPRs are the new currency in an increasingly knowledge-based economy. For an organization to deliver competitive advantage and sustain it in the long term, it is imperative that it builds on its intellectual property as a potentially valuable asset. Second Avenue can help you harness and leverage the existing innovations within your business.
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