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About Second Avenue
Who we are and what we do
Second Avenue is an advisory and consulting company comprising industry experts and management practitioners. We offer specialist advice and services to SMEs on business and corporate strategy, technology and people management with the singular objective of getting our clients on a growth trajectory, returning healthy top and bottom lines, and maintaining their competitive advantage.
The leadership team at Second Avenue has had a ringside view of the corporate and business world and brings a hands-on collaborative approach in their engagement with clients. Second Avenue also has unique management audit service offerings that include investors for their portfolio companies, overseas companies engaged with Indian partners and SMEs.
Management Profile
Second Avenue is promoted by three management and technology career professionals: Rajan Narayanan, B Jaishankar and S Ramesh. Their association goes back three decades with all three graduating from REC, Trichy (now NIT), though in different disciplines.
They got back together again with the shared objective of setting up an advisory and consulting company to encourage, mentor and nurture small and medium-sized companies, start-ups and first-generation entrepreneurs to scale their business to the next level.
Rajan, Jaishankar and Ramesh have held senior management positions with top-tier companies in India and overseas. Together, they bring a unique blend of management, marketing, operations and technology expertise to bear in creating Second Avenue as an organization committed to building continuity, forging enduring relationships and delivering value to its clients.
Alquerque, Middle East
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