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  Due Diligence
Due Diligence Assessment
A Due Diligence Assessment is the first step before the commencement of formal negotiations.
Second Avenue brings the broad business acumen of its advisors to deliver a comprehensive assessment of all the attributes of a particular company by taking a multi-disciplinary approach. In addition to Financial due diligence, we focus on four other areas of due diligence: Strategy, Information Technology, Operations, and Human Capital that includes the organizationís culture.
Our advice extends to both, Acquirers and Sellers.
To Acquirers, our recommendations focus on the approach structure and minimizing risks. Our engagement encompasses:
    a. Understanding your strategic objectives, determining how they
        can be best met through an acquisition
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    b. Identifying potential targets based on a predetermined target profile through our M&A Advisory network
    c. Selecting the best targets using our financial, strategic and operational expertise
    d. Determining the value span of the business to be acquired and identify potential synergies to be obtained by the
        acquirer through the acquisition
    e. Determining a negotiation strategy aimed at arriving at a fair price of the target and minimizing the risks of the
    f. Structuring fund raising and helping acquirers to partner with financial investors
To Sellers, our advice delves on maximizing shareholder value through a part or complete sale of a company/business.
    a. Understanding the shareholderís strategic objectives and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business to be
        divested, and the threats and opportunities of the environment it operates in
    b. Identifying potential acquirers
    c. Selecting credible acquirers that are able to maximizing shareholder value through the contemplated transaction
    d. Determining the value span of the business, also considering synergies to be obtained by the potential acquirer;
    e. Analyzing and comparing the bids of the respective potential acquirers
    f. Determining a negotiation strategy aimed at maximizing shareholder value and minimizing the risks of the transaction
We deliver informed recommendations and actionable intelligence to bring valuable operating synergies between the two organizations.
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