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  Customer Management:
KAM, Customer Value,
Voice of Customer & CSM
Customer Management: Key Account Management (KAM), Customer Value, Voice of Customer & Customer Service Management (CSM)
Growing competition, increasing globalization, and rising consumer expectations have intensified the demand for organizations to provide exceptional service and enhance customer value on a continual basis.
We assist companies across the entire gamut of customer management activities, from Key Account Management (KAM) to Customer Service Management (CSM). We equip your account managers with the skills to enhance their business acumen, identify client opportunities and make the transition from supplier to trusted advisor.
Key accounts are critical to any business’ survival. To that end, retaining and developing them, assuring their loyalty and excluding your competition assumes significance as they contribute in large measure to your revenue, have a direct impact on your profits and bring about the economies of scale for your business.
Dara, Nigeria
Consultants at Second Avenue bring a strategic planning approach to KAM that goes beyond traditional selling to address today's customer issues. We help you identify the competitive differentiation by understanding and anticipating your customers’ needs, appraising their potential, assess the sources of risk, cost and profit, and develop appropriate strategies for each customer.
Our advice extends to managing customer relationships with the objective of increasing customer retention, reducing risk and spreading acquisition costs over a longer and more profitable period of engagement.
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