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Second Avenue brings to you an exciting new offering with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ to help you fast-track to real issues and transform the decision-making process.
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAYTM is an innovative, experiential process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. Research shows that this kind of hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAYTM deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue — for everyone in the organization.
The Proposition
The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAYTM methodology is a practical problem-solving process which has been used by several leading organizations to address a range of business issues that include:
    a. Problem Solving
    b. Team Building
    c. Strategy Development
    d. Change Management
    e. Innovation and Creativity
    f. Product/Service Development
    g. New Market Development
    h. Organizational Learning and Development
    i. M&A Integration

The Methodology
Through the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAYTM products and methodology, adults use physical tools - LEGO bricks - as conceptual tools. In connecting bricks, words and abstract concepts, adults are forging connections in their minds that help them to think and act intentionally in even the most complex and unpredictable situations.
The bricks create metaphors for real business issues and allow you to address complex issues without simplifying or losing the important details. The three-dimensional landscape that the participants build using LEGO bricks provides valuable insight into the ways your company works and how they connect with the outside world.
The Workshop
The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAYTM programs are being used at companies worldwide that are looking for innovative ways to increase the commitment, confidence and insight of their executives, managers and employees.
Every LEGO® SERIOUS PLAYTM workshop will have three mandatory activities:
   a. Build a model
   b. Give the model a meaning through metaphors
   c. Tell a story
While ensuring the engagement of every person in the Group/Team, the methodology has immense and infinite possibilities to explore the "What if?" As an alternative to mere discussions and brainstorming that have become staple diets of groups in corporates, the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAYTM introduces play, and helps arrive at heedful interactions, shared identities and simple guiding principles.
Business Outcomes
A few customer-acknowledged outcomes from LEGO® SERIOUS PLAYTM sessions include:
   a. Accelerated innovation
   b. Built commitment to reach shared goals
   c. Could describe the World we saw
   d. Discovered the answer that was always there in our system
   e. Discussed the un-discussables
   f. Established a shared vision
   g. Fast-tracked to the real issues
   h. Found hidden opportunities
   i. Leveraged the expertise in our organization
   j. Saw things that we had never seen before
Every project that we undertake is led by a certified facilitator and begins with an in-depth assessment of the client's goals and desired outcomes.


"To start with the methodology certainly put the group at ease and got them to gradually open up. Being a variation from commonly practiced methods of pedagogy, I noticed higher interest levels from the participants and the exercise certainly triggered creative thinking. The lesson of "what are you willing to give in exchange for what you wish to receive" was well brought out. However, it would have been helpful to spend more time on that theme so that the lesson sinks in."

Taj Hotels

"Individual ideas and thoughts of the participants were brought out by the Trainers which eventually emerged to be a collective, futuristic Pierian. The approach of forging every participant’s strength into Future Pierian model was very meaningful."

- Pierien Services, Bangalore

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