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  Change Management
Change Management
It is in the nature of any organization to evolve and adapt in response to the change continuum in order to be relevant and competitive. Changes may be heralded by a host of factors such as events that affect the status quo, process improvements, new technology, restructuring or a result of merger and acquisition.
Change management is the process of developing a systematic approach to change in an organization with the objective of maximizing the collective benefits for all people involved in the change and mitigating the risk of failure of implementing the change. It is a process to ensure that proposed changes are warranted and will not have an adverse impact on the other aspects of the organizational plan.
Change management has three broad dimensions. They translate to the ability to adapt to change, control change and effect the necessary change. Further, the changes must be realistic, achievable and measurable. The team at Second Avenue brings invaluable insights to the change management paradigm and help organizations define a coherent change strategy to drive, achieve and sustain real change, and profit from changing opportunities.
We bring a multi-disciplinary approach to develop a change management strategy that helps organizations successfully sustain, integrate and institutionalize change. We optimize the change management process by assessing the impact, risk, and resource requirements associated with change.
Bagh Chal, Nepal
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