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  Why and how we are
Why and how we are different
It is said that a ‘Consultant’ is one who looks at your watch and tells you the time. At Second Avenue, we do things differently. We do not believe in a brief, fleeting liaison but are there for the long haul. We believe in a committed relationship with benefits accruing to both parties.
We are a home-grown cohesive team of industry professionals drawn from diverse backgrounds and varied skill-sets, each with over three decades’ experience in individual realms.
We draw from our experience as managers and entrepreneurs who have gone through the rough-and-tumble of growing fledgling outfits to successful enterprises. We made our forays in business before the era of economic liberalization, with corporate entities mired in the quota regime and policy restrictions. The landscape has changed dramatically in the last two decades with the environment more conducive but not without its own set of unique challenges.
It is against this backdrop that we engage with our clients, listening intently to them such that we are privy to their thoughts; holding their hands, warning them of potential pitfalls, consolidating their strengths and steering them to a path of shared prosperity for all stakeholders.
Tic-tac-toe or Noughts & Crosses, England
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