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Engagement & Culture
With global competition, organizations are compelled to seek cost savings and operational efficiencies with their existing business processes. This has increasingly led to offshore outsourcing or offshoring.
Offshoring calls for a fundamental change in the operating model of the company and companies often require help and advice from external consulting firms who have specialized experience in various aspects of offshoring
The founder-promoters at Second Avenue have a long history of delivering offshore services to clients going back over two decades. The team has deep understanding of business issues and proven program management methodologies to manage diverse teams across multiple time zones.
We can help you with offshore partner selection, offshore development, project and program management, methodology and process flow design, business and requirements analysis, and quality assurance.
Shatar, Momgolian Chess
Given our depth of experience and sound understanding of the cultural differences not just at individual/team levels, but also at organizational and national levels, we can help eliminate several of the challenges that often derail an otherwise successful engagement.
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